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A looking glass for OpenBGPD

Contributed by deanna on from the new in -current dept.

OpenBSD 4.1 will have a new feature in the www chroot: bgplg(8), a looking glass for OpenBGPD. Though not enabled by default, all the functionality is available, allowing admins, users or the public to access information about your OpenBSD routers.

The looking glass will provide a simple web interface with read-only access to a restricted set of bgpd(8) and system status information, which is typically used on route servers by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Internet eXchange points (IXs). It is intended to be used in a chroot(2) environment in /var/www.

bgplg was written by Reyk Floeter, who has an example of the look and feel here. Note that his site isn't production yet, but will be very soon.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    The first time I see something related with OpenBSD
    that uses XHTML/1.1 - a laudat to Reyk! (I'd put a
    space before the /> to accomodate more browsers,
    but still, that's great.)

  2. By Claudio Jeker ( claudio@ on

    A bgplg setup with some more routes can be found at:
    The system in question is a Via C3 with 512MB RAM with a bunch of full feeds from the TIX internet exchange.
    Here some stats:
    RDE memory statistics
        205502 IPv4 network entries using 6.3M of memory
       2042528 prefix entries using 62.3M of memory
        394365 BGP path attribute entries using 28.6M of memory
        317509 BGP AS-PATH attribute entries using 9.4M of memory,
               and holding 394365 references
          9252 BGP attributes entries using 217K of memory
               and holding 391022 references
          9251 BGP attributes using 157K of memory
    RIB using 107M of memory

    The machine is old and slow so be nice to her :)

    1. By Justin ( on

      Wow, thats awesome. Looking at the TIX website, they indicate they are using Zebra on their route server. I would imagine they'd be interested in OpenBGP.

    2. By Massimo Lusetti (massimo) on

      > A bgplg setup with some more routes can be found at:
      > The machine is old and slow so be nice to her :)

      Amazing ;) !

  3. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    So here comes another valuable contribution to OpenBSD ! This OS is really one of the best suited for use in mission-critical environments.


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