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bsdtalk069: Interview with Christoph Egger about OpenBSD on Xen

Contributed by deanna on from the infinte-stack-of-turtles-that-hold-up-the-earth dept.

In this edition of bsdtalk, Christoph Egger talks about his work with Xen and OpenBSD, which he says is now fully functional as a guest system.

Read more on bsdtalk or download the ogg.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Good work, Christoph.

    Could someone kindly make available an install (ramdisk) OpenBSD/xenU kernel? This would make it much easier for folks to get started with OpenBSD as a domU (especially people who don't have a native OpenBSD system or are not experts with svnds and disklabels).


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