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Paypal subscriptions now possible

Contributed by mk/reverse on from the marco-dixxx-hmtl dept.

Your favourite HTML hacker Marco Peereboom has added Paypal subscriptions to the donations page.

You can still donate a one-time amount, but now you can also set up a recurring donation (subscription) of an amount of your choice on a monthly basis.

Hopefully this will make it easier for people to do the occasional spontaneous donation of a few bucks to support the project. Remember that even though this fundraiser campaign has increased donations a lot, funds are needed on an ongoing basis, and we hope that this will help in getting them.

Once again, thank you very much for all your donations!

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  1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    Uh. The first paypal link was already there. What's new is the recurring thing. The undeadly summary is not clear about this.

    Anyway, I think the recurring donations thing is a good idea. Good work.

    1. By Michael Knudsen ( on

      Right. I hope it's better now.

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    It is one "Euro" and also many "Euro". (€)

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      bad timing. already fixed ;)

    2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      tryn again :)

      on the donations page in the cheques section:

      - Simply send a donation cheque in CDN/US/EUR funds made out to
      + Simply send a donation cheque in CAD/USD/EUR funds made out to

  3. By Joao ( on

    Nice will send a few euros myself!

    By the way, for the sake of transparency, is there anyway to see how much has OpenBSD raised since the fund raising?

    Take care and keep up the awsome work

  4. By almeida ( on

    One thing I was wondering: which donation method has the lowest cost for Theo? I know credit cards companies are probably charging somewhere around 3% as a processing fee. I imagine PayPal is taking a fee too, but is it a percentage or a fixed amount? Also, there must be some charges when someone sends a check in non-Canadian currency. What's the best method for donating after factoring in these costs?

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Preferably "smaller" bills, but nothing less than 20's.

      1. By Rob ( on

        I'd rather all my donation money went to Theo and the OpenBSD project than have paypal or the credit card companies cream off their percentage.

        Is it better for the project to receive a single large donation via credit card every 6 months or a smaller donation via paypal every month? Can we do straight bank transfers instead (and is this any better)?

        1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          If you're in the EU, you can do bank transfers through Wim's account:
          This normally doesn't cost anything. Moving the money to Canada (or wherever it is needed) may cost something, but lots of donations and CD/tshirt/...-sales can be coalsced into a single large transaction, so these costs are negligable

  5. By SleighBoy ( on

    Something to keep in mind, Theo, or whoever manages the OpenBSD paypal account... if you "invest" in paypal's money market it currently yeilds 4.25% APR and pays out dividends monthly. I don't know what kind of cash stash you have sitting in there, but just something to think about.

    1. By SleighBOy ( on

      Correction, 4.51%

  6. By Morsello ( on

    Very good!

    Iīve stopped to buy CDs many years ago, and started to donate US$ 30 on the release launch.

    Now itīs easy: US$ 5,00 per month = 2 CDs per year.

    I donīt have risk to forgot and Theo can count with the income.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      I was just thinking along the same lines. Make CD purchases a subscription basis. $10 a month gets you supporting OpenBSD and also gives you each release every six months, and maybe some extra goodies for being a regular contributor.

    2. By jared spiegel ( on

      $20/mo for me. also did a 1x $20 to the mozilla crew; least i could do.

  7. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    This is a great idea, for those of us who aren't very rich, and can't afford to make large donations, or for those of us who dont think making a small donation would be worth it, or for those of us who can't be bothered. Paypal subscriptions allow even us poor people to make recurring donations of a small amount without too much transaction overhead. We could easily use the paypal subscription to pay $10 every year, which would go completely unnoticed by us, and when alot of people do it, it will make a large difference to the OpenBSD project. So everyone please, setup a paypal subscription to send $10 a year to the OpenBSD project. Please.


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