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BSDTalk Podcast Interview with Marco Peereboom

Contributed by jolan on from the p33r3b00m-is-alyte dept.

Fellow developer and undeadlier Marco Peereboom was interviewed for BSD Talk #27. Topics covered include:

  • 3.9 features and Marco's work on ipmi(4)
  • OpenBSD's financial situation and the lack of commercial sponsors
  • How hackathons work and why they're important
  • The base install and ports upgrade process
  • Marco's planned work on ACPI, SAS support for mpt(4) and adding bio(4) support for more RAID controllers
  • Make sure to check out the interview with Henning Brauer too if you haven't already, as well as the other podcasts available on the BSD Talk site.

    I'd like to say thanks to Will Backman for his work on making these podcasts. It's refreshing to hear well thought-out interview questions and informative pieces covering existing and emerging technologies. Finally, a podcast site that I can actually enjoy!

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    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      Yes, thank you very much Will Backman for all the great interviews! They're awesome!

    2. By Luis ( on

      Great, interview! Its always refreshing to hear directly from the developers.

    3. By kernelpanicked ( on

      I hate posting "me too" comments but these podcasts really do rock, and it's awesome that the devs have been participating and doing these interviews.


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