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Developer blog: dlg: esm on the poweredge 4400

Contributed by dlg on from the dept.

I installed OpenBSD on a spare PowerEdge 4400 at work last night to see if our esm driver worked on it well. I would just like to say... HOLY CRAP! I usually try to write stuff in here that may be useful, but this time I just want to show off.

There are 124 sensors found on the 4400. There were a few bugs with the code from last night, namely the voltage sensors on one of the backplanes had values that were off by a factor of ten, and the amp sensors were just totally wrong. I spent a few minutes today on it and now both these issues are fixed in -current.

Here is what you can monitor via esm on the 4400:

dlg@pe4400 dlg$ sysctl hw.sensors
hw.sensors.0=esm0, CPU 1, OK, temp, 30.00 degC / 86.00 degF
hw.sensors.1=esm0, CPU 2, OK, temp, 31.00 degC / 87.80 degF
hw.sensors.2=esm0, Mainboard, OK, temp, 26.00 degC / 78.80 degF
hw.sensors.3=esm0, Ambient, OK, temp, 23.00 degC / 73.40 degF
hw.sensors.4=esm0, CPU 1 Core, OK, volts_dc, 1.69 V
hw.sensors.5=esm0, CPU 2 Core, OK, volts_dc, 1.68 V
hw.sensors.6=esm0, Motherboard +5V, OK, volts_dc, 5.00 V
hw.sensors.7=esm0, Motherboard +12V, OK, volts_dc, 12.06 V
hw.sensors.8=esm0, Motherboard +3.3V, OK, volts_dc, 3.31 V
hw.sensors.9=esm0, Motherboard +2.5V, OK, volts_dc, 2.52 V
hw.sensors.10=esm0, Motherboard GTL Term, OK, volts_dc, 1.50 V
hw.sensors.11=esm0, Motherboard Battery, OK, volts_dc, 2.97 V
hw.sensors.12=esm0, Chassis Intrusion, indicator, Off
hw.sensors.13=esm0, Chassis Fan Ctrl, raw, 2
hw.sensors.14=esm0, Fan 1, OK, fanrpm, 3873 RPM
hw.sensors.15=esm0, Fan 2, OK, fanrpm, 4057 RPM
hw.sensors.16=esm0, Motherboard +2.8V, OK, volts_dc, 6.76 V
hw.sensors.17=esm0, HotPlug Status, raw, 239
hw.sensors.18=esm0, PCI Slot 1, raw, 16720
hw.sensors.19=esm0, PCI Slot 2, raw, 18777
hw.sensors.20=esm0, PCI Slot 3, raw, 33104
hw.sensors.21=esm0, PCI Slot 4, raw, 33104
hw.sensors.22=esm0, PCI Slot 5, raw, 34137
hw.sensors.23=esm0, PCI Slot 6, raw, 34137
hw.sensors.24=esm0, PCI Slot 7, raw, 33049
hw.sensors.25=esm0, CPU 1 Cartridge, OK, volts_dc, 2.81 V
hw.sensors.26=esm0, CPU 2 Cartridge, OK, volts_dc, 2.79 V
hw.sensors.27=esm0, Backplane Control, raw, 227
hw.sensors.28=esm0, Backplane Top, OK, temp, 24.00 degC / 75.20 degF
hw.sensors.29=esm0, Backplane Bottom, OK, temp, 24.00 degC / 75.20 degF
hw.sensors.30=esm0, Backplane +5V, OK, volts_dc, 5.06 V
hw.sensors.31=esm0, Backplane +12V, OK, volts_dc, 12.06 V
hw.sensors.32=esm0, Backplane Board, OK, volts_dc, 2.85 V
hw.sensors.33=esm0, Backplane Fan Control, raw, 8738
hw.sensors.34=esm0, Backplane Fan 1, OK, fanrpm, 3490 RPM
hw.sensors.35=esm0, Backplane Fan 2, OK, fanrpm, 3608 RPM
hw.sensors.36=esm0, Backplane Fan 3, OK, fanrpm, 3612 RPM
hw.sensors.37=esm0, Backplane SCSI A Connected, indicator, On
hw.sensors.38=esm0, Backplane SCSI A External, OK, volts_dc, 4.80 V
hw.sensors.39=esm0, Backplane SCSI A Internal, OK, volts_dc, 4.72 V
hw.sensors.40=esm0, Drive 0, drive, online
hw.sensors.41=esm0, Drive 1, drive, empty
hw.sensors.42=esm0, Drive 2, drive, unknown
hw.sensors.43=esm0, Drive 3, drive, unknown
hw.sensors.44=esm0, Drive 4, drive, empty
hw.sensors.45=esm0, Drive 5, drive, unknown
hw.sensors.46=esm0, Drive 6, drive, unknown
hw.sensors.47=esm0, Drive 7, drive, unknown
hw.sensors.48=esm0, Power Supply 1 +5V, OK, volts_dc, 5.09 V
hw.sensors.49=esm0, Power Supply 1 +12V, OK, volts_dc, 12.09 V
hw.sensors.50=esm0, Power Supply 1 +3.3V, OK, volts_dc, 3.36 V
hw.sensors.51=esm0, Power Supply 1 -5V, OK, volts_dc, 4.97 V
hw.sensors.52=esm0, Power Supply 1 -12V, OK, volts_dc, 12.03 V
hw.sensors.53=esm0, Power Supply 2 +5V, OK, volts_dc, 5.09 V
hw.sensors.54=esm0, Power Supply 2 +12V, OK, volts_dc, 12.15 V
hw.sensors.55=esm0, Power Supply 2 +3.3V, OK, volts_dc, 3.35 V
hw.sensors.56=esm0, Power Supply 2 -5V, OK, volts_dc, 4.99 V
hw.sensors.57=esm0, Power Supply 2 -12V, OK, volts_dc, 12.11 V
hw.sensors.58=esm0, Power Supply 3 +5V, OK, volts_dc, 5.08 V
hw.sensors.59=esm0, Power Supply 3 +12V, OK, volts_dc, 12.17 V
hw.sensors.60=esm0, Power Supply 3 +3.3V, OK, volts_dc, 3.35 V
hw.sensors.61=esm0, Power Supply 3 -5V, OK, volts_dc, 5.06 V
hw.sensors.62=esm0, Power Supply 3 -12V, OK, volts_dc, 11.97 V
hw.sensors.63=esm0, System Power Supply +5V, OK, volts_dc, 5.07 V
hw.sensors.64=esm0, System Power Supply +12V, OK, volts_dc, 12.11 V
hw.sensors.65=esm0, System Power Supply +3.3V, OK, volts_dc, 3.35 V
hw.sensors.66=esm0, System Power Supply -5V, OK, volts_dc, 4.88 V
hw.sensors.67=esm0, System Power Supply -12V, OK, volts_dc, 11.86 V
hw.sensors.68=esm0, System Power Supply +5V aux, OK, volts_dc, 5.12 V
hw.sensors.69=esm0, Power Supply 1 +5V, OK, amps, 1.70 A
hw.sensors.70=esm0, Power Supply 1 +12V, CRITICAL, amps, 0.00 A
hw.sensors.71=esm0, Power Supply 1 +3.3V, OK, amps, 1.50 A
hw.sensors.72=esm0, Power Supply 2 +5V, OK, amps, 1.60 A
hw.sensors.73=esm0, Power Supply 2 +12V, OK, amps, 0.40 A
hw.sensors.74=esm0, Power Supply 2 +3.3V, OK, amps, 1.50 A
hw.sensors.75=esm0, Power Supply 3 +5V, OK, amps, 1.40 A
hw.sensors.76=esm0, Power Supply 3 +12V, OK, amps, 0.90 A
hw.sensors.77=esm0, Power Supply 3 +3.3V, OK, amps, 1.50 A
hw.sensors.78=esm0, Power Supply 1 Fan, OK, fanrpm, 3482 RPM
hw.sensors.79=esm0, Power Supply 2 Fan, OK, fanrpm, 3694 RPM
hw.sensors.80=esm0, Power Supply 3 Fan, OK, fanrpm, 3243 RPM
hw.sensors.81=esm0, Power Supply 1 AC, indicator, On
hw.sensors.82=esm0, Power Supply 1 SW, indicator, On
hw.sensors.83=esm0, Power Supply 1 OK, indicator, On
hw.sensors.84=esm0, Power Supply 1 ON, OK, indicator, On
hw.sensors.85=esm0, Power Supply 1 FFAN, indicator, Off
hw.sensors.86=esm0, Power Supply 1 OTMP, indicator, Off
hw.sensors.87=esm0, Power Supply 2 AC, indicator, On
hw.sensors.88=esm0, Power Supply 2 SW, indicator, On
hw.sensors.89=esm0, Power Supply 2 OK, indicator, On
hw.sensors.90=esm0, Power Supply 2 ON, OK, indicator, On
hw.sensors.91=esm0, Power Supply 2 FFAN, indicator, Off
hw.sensors.92=esm0, Power Supply 2 OTMP, indicator, Off
hw.sensors.93=esm0, Power Supply 3 AC, indicator, On
hw.sensors.94=esm0, Power Supply 3 SW, indicator, On
hw.sensors.95=esm0, Power Supply 3 OK, indicator, On
hw.sensors.96=esm0, Power Supply 3 ON, OK, indicator, On
hw.sensors.97=esm0, Power Supply 3 FFAN, indicator, Off
hw.sensors.98=esm0, Power Supply 3 OTMP, indicator, Off
hw.sensors.99=esm0, Fan 1, CRITICAL, fanrpm, 0 RPM
hw.sensors.100=esm0, Fan 2, CRITICAL, fanrpm, 0 RPM
hw.sensors.101=esm0, Fan 3, CRITICAL, fanrpm, 0 RPM
hw.sensors.102=esm0, Fan 4, CRITICAL, fanrpm, 0 RPM
hw.sensors.103=esm0, Fan 5, CRITICAL, fanrpm, 0 RPM
hw.sensors.104=esm0, Fan 6, CRITICAL, fanrpm, 0 RPM
hw.sensors.105=esm0, Fan Enclosure, raw, 61186
hw.sensors.106=esm0, Backplane Control, raw, 1
hw.sensors.107=esm0, Backplane Top, OK, temp, 23.00 degC / 73.40 degF
hw.sensors.108=esm0, Backplane +5V, OK, volts_dc, 5.07 V
hw.sensors.109=esm0, Backplane +12V, OK, volts_dc, 12.11 V
hw.sensors.110=esm0, Backplane Board, OK, volts_dc, 2.86 V
hw.sensors.111=esm0, Backplane SCSI A Connected, indicator, On
hw.sensors.112=esm0, Backplane SCSI A External, OK, volts_dc, 4.78 V
hw.sensors.113=esm0, Backplane SCSI A Internal, OK, volts_dc, 4.79 V
hw.sensors.114=esm0, Drive 0, drive, empty
hw.sensors.115=esm0, Drive 1, drive, unknown
hw.sensors.116=esm0, Drive 2, drive, unknown
hw.sensors.117=esm0, Drive 3, drive, unknown
hw.sensors.118=safte0, temp0, OK, temp, 23.33 degC / 74.00 degF
hw.sensors.119=safte1, fan0, OK, indicator, On
hw.sensors.120=safte1, fan1, OK, indicator, On
hw.sensors.121=safte1, fan2, OK, indicator, On
hw.sensors.122=safte1, temp0, OK, temp, 23.89 degC / 75.00 degF
hw.sensors.123=safte1, temp1, OK, temp, 24.44 degC / 76.00 degF

Apart from the misinterpretion of the values coming off the hardware, the code worked fine. I think the fact that this gave me warm fuzzies proves im too much of a geek :(

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  1. By squeege ( adg [at] squeege [dot] ca on

    Nice... Do you think this will make into the next release? (3.9)
    Let me just say that I really admire and appreciate all the work you folks do on this fine OS.
    I've been buying the CDs and paraphernelia since 3.6 and they are worth every penny.
    Too bad some of the hardware vendors are too short-sighted to share their documentation with the project.
    Keep up the great work.

    1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

      This is part of 3.9.

    2. By Steve Joseph ( on

      Nice!. I've been promoting openbsd for 2 years now. I can't wait for the next release. Keep up the good work. You guys make me wish that I could code and contribute.

      1. By Kevin ( on

        If you can't provide code, perhaps you can provide hardware, or money, or pressure on vendors to release documentation?

        I would contribute code, but my employment contract pretty much makes anything I write company property, so instead I give $,$$$.$$

        I'd like to donate hardware, but my employer also has a strict policy that old gear can only be disposed of by either shredder or donating to a 501(c)3 charity that is on a very short list. (So a lot of nice stuff goes into the shredder)


        1. By Peter ( on

          That stinks that all that nice hardware just gets trashed! It always amazes me how we live in a throw-away society now. Keeping on track with the other posts, I also thank OpenBSD for all the work they have done. I will also contribute and buy CD's and T-Shirts! Thanks again, Peter

          1. By Anonymous Coward ( on

            We actually couldn't find anyone to take a bunch of our old PIII desktops. The local school systems turned their noses up at them. So we donated them to a K-12 linux lab in Armenia. Our CIO nearly shat himself when he found out where we sent them.

            1. By Nate ( on

              In no small part for the shipping costs I'd bet.

        2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

          Quite a number of things on the want list are fairly cheap inexpensive items.

          Obviously it is a lot for one developer to buy or for the project to fund, but is reasonably cheap for someone to contribute.

  2. By Anonymous Coward ( on

    This is especially cool for me, as I own one of these and can't wait to play with this!


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