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Raving article about OpenBSD on EuroBSDcon on Newsforge

Contributed by Han on from the serious-hacking dept.

Han Boetes pointed out:
Newsforge is one of those newssites that gather a large crowd and only of 1337 hackers but also from management-people. So it's nice to see that they are saying nice stuff about OpenBSD. Well... Apparently Ryan McBride simply stole the show.

One presentation that stood out from the crowd was on "Building Robust Firewalls with OpenBSD and PF," by Ryan McBride. McBride talked about how to use CARP between two OpenBSD PF firewalls. To show that no traffic was dropped when one of the firewalls was rebooted, he played a song from a PC outside of the firewall. After rebooting and pulling cables to show the redundancy, McBride took the demonstration one step further. He asked someone from the audience to select a numbers of cables. He then took an axe from under the table and started to hack the selected cables -- giving the word "hacking" a whole new meaning. The song didn't miss a single beat, and the 200+ audience members applauded loudly.

You can read the article over here.

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  1. By Shane J Pearson ( on

    Watch out Cisco. Watch out Sun. Watch out Checkpoint.

    Puffy 'll hang a lickin' on ya!

    "Ryan's a lumberjack and he's okay! He hacks all night and he codes all day!" ; )

  2. By cruel ( on

    Where do we get ps/pdf/slides for "Failover Mechanisms for Filtering Bridges on the BSDs" by Massimiliano Stucchi?

    It is very interesting topic.

    1. By Marc Balmer ( on

      I'll put them online on the page the next days.

      1. By sneaker ( on

        This would be much appreciated. For me slides are like the crack. Me needs! Me needs! Thank you in advance.

  3. By Krunch ( on

    Any chance to see the "show" at FOSDEM 2006 ?


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