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Lynx patch in 3.2 patch branch?

Contributed by jose on from the patch-branch dept.

Henry writes :
"It looks like they slipped the lynx CRLF fix into 3.2 patch. I picked up six changed files in my 10 Dec 2002 cvsup in src/gnu/usr.bin/lynx/. No updates in , however.

Anyone else notice?"

Actually a few patches, many security related, have made it into 3.2-stable without any fanfare of patches being released. The maintainers of the security tree have been pretty busy, such as Miod's work on ProPolice, and haven't had time to build up patches and release advisories. However, if you've been holding off on 3.2-stable updates because you thought there was no activity, go update, it's been worked on.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    What kind of patches are missing then? Anything serious? Or just little stuff that only affects about 0,0001% of us ;)
    Just wanting to know if I should really update to -stable, or if I'm fine for now with just the patches.

  2. By Skull () on

    And "they" say OpenBSD has no browser! I laugh at them! Muahahahahahaa.

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    STABLE != errata

  4. By Alex Kirk () on

    So is this patch supposed to fix the problem with a new line turning into "aa"?

  5. By synfin () on

    o yes. i noticed it.

  6. By miro () on

    I really don't like this, i think all updates to the stable branch should be released as patches. As this obviously is too timeconsuming (?) they could atleast list the updated files and publish a diff. (this is really close to a proper patch though)

    I am maintaining machines both privately and for customers where i can't compile the complete system. I can get by with only applying the security patches but then i don't know which bugs/fixes that exist in the system.

    As you might have noticed, newsyslog(8) stopped rotating logs based on date as of 3.2. Realized this when i installed a system for a customer. This bug has no patch and is not mentioned on the 3.2 vs CURRENT changelog.

    This is a big deal and its hard to explain to customers why no patches are released for obvious bugs. Problem was solved by finding a maillist via google and applying a diff with CURRENT newsyslog.c from the web. How hard can it be to release a patch??


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