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Onlamp: CVS Front Ends

Contributed by jose on from the gui-checkins dept.

Related to the story the other day about OpenCM, Onlamp last month ran a piece introducing a slew of CVS front ends . While most OpenBSD hackers I know just use the CVS command line tools, many on Windows or other operating systems like to use other front ends. This is useful when you're in a cross platform development environment.

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  1. By Noryungi () n o r y u n g i @ y a h o o . c o m on mailto:n o r y u n g i @ y a h o o . c o m

    I just started using WinCVS on Windows XP at my job, and it feels like someone is slowly crushing my rib cage (both WinCVS and XP)... So any and all information is more than welcome.

    1. By Shane () on

      I recently worked on a fairly large project (~15,000 lines between three people). We were required to use Windows 2000 boxes but still wanted CVS for version control. So, we used OpenSSH on Windows (which just recently ceased development) for public-key authentication, CVSNT as the server, and TortoiseCVS as the GUI. We also used cvswebnt with an Apache server for browsing the stuff from the intranet. It worked out really well. TortoiseCVS is pretty nice, in my opinion. The only problem we had was that when we connected with public-keys, the username got logged as SYSTEM because of some shortcomings with the OpenSSH server implementation on Windows. It wasn't a big deal for us because we knew what the other guys were doing, but for large projects it would probably be annoying. Other than that, everything worked fine.

      So, if you are forced to use Windows, there are some options that make using CVS a little easier.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Damnit, I loved that I didn't have to fuck around with cygwin directly w/ Network Simplicity's OpenSSH package. (Thinks of alternate ways to get a nicely installed sshd on windows [hmmm gack]).

        Ah well, continue on talking about the CVS stuff, yeah, neat.

        1. By RC () on

          > (Thinks of alternate ways to get a nicely installed sshd on windows [hmmm gack]).

          There are others... Mostly spin-offs of, but usually much better. F-Secure comes to mind, and there are more. Of course, not free, but that's the tradeoff.

      2. By Can Erkin Acar () on

        TortoiseCVS is really nice and it works fine with PuTTY (plink.exe) and public key authentication (pagent).

    2. By anonymous () on

      Hi, the largest project we've worked on is about 3000 files with an average of 300 loc. And the latest commit is 1.111 ;)

      For the server, we use cvs on OpenBSD chrooted, and for those 10 dev from internet, we use putty+wincvs. We use also apache/ssl and viewcvs (a python script).

      Oh yes, the main code is from PowerBuilder, a brain damned product who don't know plain old text files. But it's by the same time the best way to educate your users about "think more, commit less" ;)


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