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weird error messages from open firmware while installing

Contributed by jose on from the open-firmware dept.

Dirk asks:
"Ok, after being able to install and run OpenBSD on "Stinker": see .

Now I have tried to achieve the same feat on my 500MHZ 2xUSB Ibook, but to no avail: Everytime I try boot cd:,ofwboot (the ofwboot file is on / level) I get a "bad VHB" error.

What in the world?


I haven't been doing much Open Firmware and BSD hacking lately, anyone want to share their experiences? I know that Apple hardware is a bit voodoo in some places ...

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  1. By corey donohoe () on

    I didn't have any trouble getting it to install on my ibook(same specs afaict) I just burned the cd32.fs with cdrecord, use the below openfirmware line and it went effortlessly.

    The INSTALL.macppc file shows something like this.
    Important Open Firmware command examples:
    boot cd:,ofwboot /3.2/macppc/bsd.rd

    Are you passing the path to the bsd.rd image? Hope this is helpful

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Dirk or is it Dork, says:

    After forming OpenBSD (which actually isn't open at all)

    So WTF is that supposed to mean?

    I would have thought that OpenBSD is the most open OS out there. Since Theo battles tirelessly to keep it that way by not allowing any closed or licence restricted code to get into the official OpenBSD.

    And hell, don't like that? Take OpenBSD, call it something else and then do what the fuck you want with it.

    1. By Will () on

      Maybe (I'm just guessing, could be wrong) he meant that it's secure, and not open to attack.

      The guy does after all have quite a strange way with words, so who can tell!

      Not everyone who uses OpenBSD understands the principles (such as what Open means), more's the pity, but there is no clause in the licence saying that they have to!

  3. By electro () on

    I've a problem, don't know how to work it out....
    i've bought my self an ibook2 for christmas, so i started to enjoy MacOSX..but i'm missing a serious OS, so i started to try debian (linux sux) i tried netbsd, not bad, great userland, but i was missing too much Open, so i've installed it, but at the end of the installation i gave "halt", and than at the OpenFirmware, i digit in boot hd:,ofwboot bsd.rd and no way to boot, if some one of you can help pls?


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