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Contributed by jose on from the safer-than-Matt's dept.

Sam writes :
"For those who don't know about it, and still use Matt Wright's scripts including the (historically bugridden) FormMail script, you will want to have a look at the NMS project which was started by the London Perl Mongers as decent, drop in replacements for Matt's scripts.

Matt Wright himself says:

While the free code found at my web site has not evolved much in recent years, the general programming practices and standards of CGI programs have. nms is an attempt by very active programmers in the Perl community to bring the quality of code for these types of programs up to date and eliminate some of the bad programming practices and bugs found in the existing Matt's Script Archive code.
I would highly recommend downloading the nms versions if you wish to learn CGI programming. The code you find at Matt's Script Archive is not representative of how even I would code these days.
NMS's perl scripts are free, functional and secure Perl scripts for public use. Further details here ."
Given all of the problems Matt's scripts have given people over all of the past few years, I was surprised they were still being distributed. This project seems to be a good, secure continuation of the original idea of MSA, namely freely available scripts that you can use for your site.

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  1. By Yvette Garcia () on

    Exactly what do you need to do to move on to a chrooted apache environment if you run mod_perl?

    I want to copy a minimum of files to the /var/www tree and be able to use mod_perl as we do today.


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