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OpenBSD can speak ecommerce too.

Contributed by jose on from the make-money-fast! dept.

Gustavo sends us this one:
"Believe or not. OpenBSD can be a good solution to any of your needs, just like it worked for us at Take a look on it and tell if OpenBSD/Squid/Apache/Tomcat/MySQL can't help you too. :)"
It's true, you usually only hear about Linux in this sort of situation. Maybe once in a while about FreeBSD. Good to see that people are deploying OpenBSD in more than security perimiters but also on the front lines (where security matters but isn't the only thing happening).

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  1. By demon_eyes_kyo () on

    I do agree, while I enjoy using both linux and *BSD's. (especially openBSD :) It's nice to see OpenBSD getting some ecommerce type action ;) When I worked at an ecommerce type company, sadly it didnt even come to mind to use obsd for anything but the most concentrated area's i see it being used for. Looking back I wish that I had given it a go. It Definitly would have been fun!

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Who said security not matter? Firewall is just a small piece of hole...
    Have a solid server behind can make a difference, since this type of site have a lot of stuff to play with(data about customers, CC's and such).

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Where's the implementation details? BTW, What Java runtime is being used?

  4. By Noob () on

    I'm actually now finding that I prefer using OpenBSD for my DNS/WWW/FTP/SMTP needs than previously using Red Hat Linux. Linux worked fine, but I think I enjoy OpenBSD more.

    I even have it on my Toshiba laptop with X running ;-)

  5. By Lawrence () on

    Great to see OpenBSD being used for actual e-commerce environments. Just like too. :)

  6. By Dirk () on

    Great site, but if Gustavo is so proud of the use of Open BSD, why not put a tiny little blowfish with a link to the OpenBSD homepage on the site?


  7. By RC () on

    Why is it rare to use OpenBSD? I'd say, if you are storing credit card numbers, or anything even slightly valuable, the most secure server would be the way to go. And OpenBSD is the easiest server to harden (despite the lack of priv port ACLs) that I've come across.

    The only problem I can think of is OpenBSD's lack of SMP, but that shouldn't matter, except for the very large sites (and those that don't know how to do load-balancing).

  8. By Anonymous Coward () on

    How well does Java perform on OpenBSD? Any benchmarks?


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