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BSDCon 2002 Europe Pictures

Contributed by jose on from the photography dept.

By the way pictures from BSDCon 2002 Europe are available on the website. OpenBSD received a lot of attention, with talks from Ian Darwin, Ian Darwin (on OpenBSD firewalls), Philipp Bühler and Henning Brauer (on securing networks with OpenBSD), and lots of other general BSD talks (in addition to some good FreeBSD, NetBSD, OS/X, and BSD/I talks). Wish I could have gone.

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  1. By click46 () on

    I'll be there next year for sure. That is, unless business stays the way it is...-:

    1. By Sam () on

      The next BSDCon Europe is likely to be in 2004 -- because of the change of timing of the US BSDCon

      1. By click46 () on

        well then...more time to save up. That is if I have any left after the US BSDcon, which I am going to period. Even if I have to get Visa to pay for it :D

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    pb/hennings presentation is at

    well worth a read even for "advanced" users.


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