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Contributed by jose on from the easily-accessible-mail dept.

A couple of weeks ago O'Reilly ran a piece on setting up and using SquirrelMail on BSD. I've used SquirrelMail before and have liked it better than the alternatives. With a little bit of PHP, a good MTA (I used to use Sendmail, but now I'm in love with Postfix), you can go a long way. It also solves that pesky travelling mail access problem.

Other mail packages I have used include IMP , which I have found to be too cumbersome to tolerate, AeroMail , a simple to use webmail package I documented in a book , and TWIG , a surprisingly multifunctional package that was easy to set up.

If you're a mail administrator, you may want to check these out for your clients (or for your own mail access). Note that you'll have a few more security concerns (PHP, the web server, and the mail package), but that's the price you pay for connectivity.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I have really been impressed with Squirrelmail after switching from Imp. Imp had like a vulnerability per month and that's why I switched, although SM has had a few XSS vuln's in the past few months. That's why I am a fan of ssh+mutt, but hey you have to give the end users somthing.

    Squirrelmail > *

  2. By Mike () on

    Squirrelmail definitely beats any other open-source package available. I especially like the Spamcop plugin. I do wish the calendar was more functional, however. If that was there, it would be very competitive with Exchange/OWA feature-wise.

    I left Sendmail about 3 years ago. Qmail was my friend for about 2 1/2. I decided to give Postfix a shot because, well, I just wanted something different. I really like it, but Qmail's a close second. Sendmail's just an ancient mess, even with the m4 macros.

  3. By Condor () on

    Also can use OpenWebMail
    full compatible with sendmail/mta, very easy to install, support with filter messages, pop mail check and so on.

  4. By pegasus () on

    mine happens to be . nice clean design, excellent functionallity (spamassassin, cyrus sieve filters, among others), fast, easy to setup and configure, very open-minded author. a real joy.

  5. By Isak Lyberth () on

    The one thing i need to really take advantage of webmail is maildir.
    i want to use Courier webmail, but it requires maildir.
    How do i convert my mboxes to maildir?

  6. By RC () on

    I wish people would stop doing everything via the web... There's no good reason for it.

    If you want an e-mail account that can follow you everywhere, use IMAP (preferably with SSL)...

    The only reason web-based e-mail has caught on, is because service providers can get you to view ads that way.

  7. By Jedi/Sector One () on

    If you need something that installs in 1 minute, that looks nice, that supports multiple languages and that doesn't need any SQL database, go for Uebimiau :

    You can install it almost anywhere, and you can even have it work with IMAP on a server that misses the PHP IMAP extension.

    It doesn't have plenty of bells and whistles, it does only mail (no calendar, etc), but it's fast, reliable, and it does the trick. I just love it for its simplicity.

  8. By Anonymous Coward () on

    what is the imap daemon of choice? i saw no cyrus in the ports ... i only saw courier (and uw i think too)

  9. By elmore () on

    I actually think IMP is the best full featured mail client available. I've tried almost all of the ones mentioned here and in my opinion IMP surpasses them all. While a little more involved in the setup process, the result is a fully funtional e-mail client. I run it both at work and at home. IMP combined with turba (address book that's ldap compliant), kronolith (calendar future versions of which will be able to do free/busy searches via a mysql backend), Mnemo (a personal memo plugin), and nag (a task list program) make IMP very very attractive from a corporate standpoint. As far as spam goes I use my MTA (postfix) to do my blacklist lookups, spam assassin etc. Recent versions even have a secured caching mechanism for faster page reloads. For me at least Postfix + Courier-IMAP + IMP is the way to go.

  10. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I use CAMAS, available at , because it is a) featureful, b) secure (no holes discovered yet), c) keeps imap sessions alive and d) GPL:d.


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