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Perl 5.8.0 Update

Contributed by jose on from the international-affairs dept.

Recently, Todd Miller imported Perl 5.8.0 into the base system (upgrading from 5.6.1). This means that some scripts may be affected which were developed external to the system. Some new modules were imported as a result which were previously only available in ports (with the port entries deleted). Some modules and ports broke , so fixing them will take a bit of time. Maintainers should be on it.

However, if you're tracking -current and you notice some Perl wierdness, this may be the cause of it. Thanks, Todd, for the work.

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  1. By Marc Espie () on

    What's cool about perl 5.8.0 is that a few very, very useful modules are now part of the base system. I'm mainly thinking about the Net:: modules and the MD5 module.

    But there are probably lots more interesting pieces out there !

    Well, you'll be surprised when you see what comes out of it.


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