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SANS Top 20

Contributed by jose on from the infrastructure dept.

SANS and the NIPC recently released an update top 20 security vulnerabilities . Many of these can be helped with OpenBSD solutions, but obviously some can't. SANS has a paper describing how to check for these vulnerabilities , and obviously some tools on the UNIX side of things may be useful. So, when thinking about how to secure your infrastructure, maybe pitch to the boss (or your employees, depending on which side you're on) about solutions using OpenBSD.

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  1. By RC () on

    Would someone like to tell me what vulnerabilites can not be "helped with OpenBSD solutions". I must have missed something.

    It seems to me that any of these problems can be solved by a good admin, and OpenBSD has tools like systrace (and OpenSSH priv sep) that can help significantly secure any running service.

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