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Emulating .MAC Using OpenBSD + Apache + WebDav

Contributed by jose on from the reliable-and-free-services dept.

jolan writes:
"Otto Moerbeek has written a document detailing how to make a pseudo .MAC server using OpenBSD, Apache SSL, and the WebDav plugin.

This a great alternative to getting a paid .MAC account for automated file backups via Apple's Backup tool."

mod_dav , which is an Apache module to do this, is in ports and has been tested with lots of DAV clients. This can also work for Linux, OpenBSD, and Windows clients, as well. And perhaps be more reliable than .Mac.

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  1. By Matthew Weigel () on

    That page just covers setting up a server to spoof .Mac for backup purposes. If you're wanting something like that, iCal and iSync are other applications whose "special needs" an admin might want to investigate, as well as an IMAP server that can handle the same password.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Don't know about iSync, but iCal just uses WebDAV as it's transport mechanism as well .. see I believe.

      As for IMAP -- it should theoretically be possible to have your IMAP authentication use the same source as your WebDAV auth, but then, I haven't done that much research into alternative methods for DAV -- just plain text so far.

      1. By Skinny Puppy () on

        I have done that it is really not that hard. Justed used qmail with large LDAP patch . This patch includes the auth programs that can be put in to place on Coureir IMAP and qmail's POP. Then use LDAP for WebDAV authentication, I personly like mod_auth_ldap , but you have a lot of other choices.

        Just this basic setup is very powerful and fun to play with. I am still looking for a groupware calander that intergrates well.

        1. By Dan Cornish () on

          Any one here with experience looking for a bit of contract work to help me setup a webdav server?

          Please contact me at


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