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Nice article about OpenBSD on EWeek.

Contributed by jose on from the mixed-reviews dept.

Han writes:
" OpenBSD 3.2 Is Back on Track:,3959,666887,00.asp

Well lets call it a rave, this is a serious magazine and a very good report about OpenBSD."

Well, the article is pretty mixed, and really stresses OpenBSD in your network infrastructure (and not on the desktop, where I am currently using it). Still a generally positive review. Oh, and the "back on track" refers to the security vulnerabilities found this summer.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    how did it only earn a fair on performance when the same site gives redhat 8 a good? I like redhat and think it definitely has a place in our world, but to say redhat is faster than obsd without having any data to back up his statement is rediculous. obsd runs wonderfully on systems that redhat would never be able to run well on.

    nice to see obsd getting press but i dont think the article had much merit. It wasn't intended to be a technical document, but i found teh conclusions to be biased and lacking

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    in regard to patching,

    "This can take 12 hours or more and is extremely disruptive to the system."

    what are they doing .. recompiling the whole install? i can't recall anything taking 12 hours ...

  3. By Pascal Lalonde () on

    I think it is a good article. Something good about it is that it points strengths as well as *weaknesses*. Yes, I think it is unrealistic to think OpenBSD, or any other OS, is perfect. An article thats omits to mention weaknesses misses a part. This one doesn't.

    One thing that people often seem to overlook though: binary patches can easily be produced. A previous article here on deadly was focused on that. The URL was:

    It is quite simple to use. Ever since I started using it, I never had to update my source tree to -stable and rebuild all, and I compile only once.

  4. By Smoke Detector () on

    I wonder what eWeek thought of pf, and it would be great to see what the rule set contained that they used. That would make a great series - how we logged a bazillion hack attempts without going crazy.


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