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y 3.2 Patch 001: kadmind

Contributed by jose on from the quick-erratta dept.

From Miod@ to the security-announce list:
OpenBSD 3.2, as shipped, is vulnerable to a kadmind remote exploit if the
machine is configured as a kdc (which is not the case in the default

A fix addressing this problem is available in the -STABLE branch, and as
a standalone patch file, at the following location:

For more information about errata and patch, please read the OpenBSD
errata page:

The patch is available via FTP and has been rolled into -stable already.

Thanks to Miod for coordinating this with us!

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I see security-accounce@ is being used now :) That's very good, since iirc the last 3.1 patches weren't announced on the list :(

  2. By Noob () on

    I am very happy to see such improvement in the announcement for this latest patch for 3.2

    I too was a bit disappointed in the way the last patch was handled.

    Inconsistency or lazyness in even the simple tasks makes me worry that the important ones were done without careful attention to detail as well.

    Good Job OpenBSD Team!
    You've made me happy anyways ;-)

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Wouldn't the OpenBSD 3.2's "Non-executable stack" issue with all binaries mitigated if a successful exploit happened?


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