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OpenBSD 3.2 Song Released...

Contributed by jose on from the music dept.

KryptoBSD writes :
"Go grab your, yeah you guessed it, Bond flavored 3.2 song called "Goldflipper" over at: Lyrics: "
Sing along with the blowfish, folks.

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  1. By () on

    i am pissed to see that there is missing a 4th cd
    and waddawe see is an mp3 on the first cd an audio track on the second WHY WASTE SO MUCH SPACE??? geeze at least put in tools for people with no net access the possibility to install


    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      A 4th CD (with all the m68k architectures) would make the CD set to expensive. That's why the 4th CD is only available as an ISO on ftp.

    2. By Not Really Anonymous () on

      Compared to the other OpenBSD songs out there. This one was keeping with the "theme" of the 3.2 release. In fact, I thought the song was great, but I guess you would have to be a bond fan.

    3. By click46 () on

      and exactly what is missing from the 3 cd set that you think should be included? lets get some specifics here...

    4. By Anonymous Coward () on

      The song in two formats takes less than 5 Meg on a CD. Let's see, what else fits within 5 Meg now days? Your brain?

      1. By SKULL () on

    5. By Anonymous Coward () on

      It would have been cool if the track was played during install

      1. By RC () on

        To do that, the boot image would have to include all the sound-card drivers, and a player for MP3/ogg. It could be done, but it would require a lot of work for something trivial.

    6. By Gimlet () on

      Lessee...mac68k, amiga, hp300, and mvme68k are on the "missing" 4th cd. Face it, people, these aren't the most popular platforms, numberwise. I think it's cool enough that someone bothers to keep the releases current for those architectures.

      And how did someone with "no net access" post to OBSDJ to bitch about it? Hmmmmmm.

  2. By W () on


  3. By 's Ok () on

    but I liked the 3.1 song better.

  4. By Entelin () on

    This one was a actual real song! I am surprised really, in fact I have never heard a non techno / non hard rock song about an OS before. In addition they have sucessfully pulled off a well constructed parody to the james bond songs.

    Congrats and keep it up!


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