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Traffic Accounting

Contributed by jose on from the spyware-and-traffic-cops dept.

Update : OK, my bad. The story that this one replaces wasn't meant to disrespect Sun or anyone, but was to remind you guys to make sure that your OpenSSH installations on other systems are up to date. While more vendors are shipping OpenSSH now, some of them are just not up with compability, feature, and security patches. Oh well, I removed the offending article. My bad... sorry about that.

A recent thread on the OpenBSD-misc list got me to thinking about traffic accounting on OpenBSD. I use OpenBSD as an edge router and firewall on my home network, and have a small monitoring system built in. I know I'm not alone in this sort of setup. Several solutions I know of, some of which were mentioned here, are mon , which we featured here recently (mon covers more than just traffic, but does a good job of that), ipacc , ntop (which has had some security problems in the past, make sure you're up to date on it), and ipa .

Have a look at these and enjoy the traffic statistics you guys find and see if you can't improve the tools, also.

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  1. By Tom () ul.xatnys@mot on mailto:ul.xatnys@mot

    The original article was remove before i had the chance to read it. IMHO, if you decide to write such an article and if you have the courage to put it online, just leave it. Don't remove something just because you are expecting get some critics about it.

  2. By blackmage () on

    There is also ipaudit to manage network traffic.

    Note: there is no port in stable.

  3. By thugwar () on

    How about trafshow ?

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    and symon

  5. By KryptoBSD () on

    Jose man, its going to happen that people are going to get into an uprise over something silly, I thought it was cool that you listened to the angry kids, but I still think you should just let the flames burn out and die. Keep up being the head playa of the OpenBSD scene man. Word. =/

  6. By djm () on

    A Cisco NetFlow v1 emulator:

    Still a work in progress (not much documentation and quite a few bugs) - but it is stabilising fast.


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