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Building/installing Mozilla on OpenBSD

Contributed by jose on from the moz dept.

Dan writes:
" Jolan Luff has a Mozilla build posted for download. He's been using Mozilla for over a month now and it's been relatively stable. These builds are not supported by him, he's offering them in case they work for others. A copy of his email can be found here: ."
Every time I try to build Mozilla I run out of disk space. Hopefully this will mean better luck. And if you can get the port posted to work, please share it with people.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Be sure to vote on the mozilla bug at:

  2. By RC () on

    Anyone want to suggest a good browser for OpenBSD? Mozilla is quite resource hungry and not terribly stable.

    Dillo 0.6.5 w/SSL patch works nicely, but still does not have the ability to copy text from a webpage (and it sounds like it will be some time until that changes). You can't save images in a web page, and you really need an external download manager. You can't secify external programs to open files (PDFs, RAM, M3U, etc).

    The GUI version of Links suffers the same inability to copy text, and also has a terrible UI.

    Netscape 4.xx is notoriously unstable, while also having impossible to read fonts at times.

    I've heard as many bad things about Konq as good. For every person I've heard say it's fast and stable, I've heard someone else say it's slow and unstable.

    So, what browser options are there? I'm not asking for the latest multimedia features, just a reasonably decent browser.

  3. By Aasmund () on

    Will mozilla appear in ports in 3.2?

  4. By emagius () on

    Dillo for visiting graphics-heavy pages (which, for me, amounts to a couple web comics, no more) and Elinks (based on Links, the lynx-killer) for everything else. Sure, it won't display images inline and there's no javascript support, but it still works pretty well. The built-in downloader is excellent, as well. I've tried Links 2.0 (-g), but it's not nearly as fast as Dillo or Elinks and has a nasty UI (and bugs...). I don't know what kind of machine will be necessary for Mozilla/Galeon (whenever we see packages -- there's no way I'm going to compile Mozilla on this ancient box), but we'll see how it goes. ;)

  5. By toni () on

    Anyone tried their luck compiling and running Phoenix on OpenBSD yet?


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