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end of 3.0....

Contributed by jose on from the EOL dept.

Josh Steele writes:
"since noone has posted anything about it yet, i figured I would.

List:     openbsd-announce
Subject:  OpenBSD 3.0 End Of Life
From:     Miod Vallat

Date:     2002-10-04 9:49:12

Hello folks,

  Due to the upcoming release of OpenBSD 3.2, the 3.0-STABLE
 branch will be out of regular maintainance starting
 december 1st.  There will be NO MORE fixes commited to 
 this branch after this day.

  People relying on 3.0-STABLE (or older releases even) are
 strongly advised to upgrade to a more recent release
 (preferrably 3.2 as it becomes available) as soon as

  Thanks for reading,

archived message can be found at the MARC archives "
Yep, 3.0 is at its at the end. Update, and there are lots of good reasons to: security patches, PF enhancements, soft updates, etc ...

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I understand old -STABLE branches are discontinued, but why not have a little (a week or two) overlap with the new release, to give people the time to upgrade?
    But well, I'm sure that if a severe vulnerability (like the ssh one a while back) would be found, a patch would still be added to the old branches anyway, so this is no big deal actually :)

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    3.0 is only a year old. It's a shame those of us that don't buy into the upgrade syndrome are being shafted on security updates. Hell, I can still get support for Win98.

  3. By deem0N () on

    but MySQL just does not works reliably after 3.0

    I am really thinking about MicroBSD....

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Can someone give a quickie on whats new in 3.2 compared to 3.0?

  5. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I have a webserver still running OpenBSD 2.8 and
    as an *platform* there is no problem with it.

    Disable all unneeded services and update your
    applications. You will only need to install recent versions of OpenSSH (the portable version of course) and Apache.

    Sure, it is easier to cvs your sources and do a make build, but it is not the only way.


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