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Prettier Systrace

Contributed by jose on from the gtk-sandboxes dept.

A recent update to the systrace website shows that a new GTK front end to systrace has been released. Gtk-systrace , a replacement for xsystrace, is a new project to add a prettier picture to systrace policy generation.

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  1. By Chris Humphries () on

    nice to see a frontend for systrace.
    good job!

  2. By Todd Fries () on

    xsystrace was written as a replacement for gtk-systrace, not the other way around.

    gtk-systrace is the 'easy to code' development version that may look prettier, but xsystrace is the version that ships with the system.

    gtk-systrace obviously cannot ship with X or the base system since it relies on gnu libraries, gtk namely.

    You can build your own systrace gui, if you choose, it is a very easy thing to replace the default gui. This is what the '-g ' option is for! ;-)


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