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ipsec AH network area, in less then 48hours

Contributed by jose on from the proto-51 dept.

bofn writes:
"The days are long, but mostly not long enough to read All the doc's and RFC's on a subject. sometimes a sysadmin just likes to add some functionality with out days of research...

i've done some reading on IP6 and IPSec, played with some example configs end so far have a nice ip4->ip6 gateway with HTTP4 <-> 6proxy etc... the next step for this site should be AH enabled traffic. just src and dst verification no payload crypto, since we only wanne make sure no one puts a naughty laptop in the LAN and starts talking.

and at this point i run out of time because all FAQ's and sample configs talk about the full VPN setup.

Now i have the isakmpd shouting at me:

"Unknown packet type 5 in handle_packet()"
and the photurisd has tears in its eyes, making no sense telling me:
"open(): Device not configured"
and other random moans of pain from the poor boxes.

[ a day in the life of daddy sysadmin ]"

Before you jump to say "RTFM! STFA!" the docs on configuring just AH are weak. Anyone have any docs they know about for configuring just AH?

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  1. By skull () on

    how about the docs on host-to-host ipsec?

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Is in the official OpenBSD FAQ. You can setup host-to-host IPSEC in mere minutes.

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I admin a Cisco 3030 VPN, and have not yet been able to successfully establish a host to that box. Just too many options and places to go astray. I have no need for a network to network VPN using OpenBSD, has anyone succeeded and got any hints?

    I have READ the Manual, the FAQ, the sample configs and the archives. I have configed a dhcp server using OpenBSD for 30 networks and 3000 users, so man pages are not foreign to me. IPSEC is just a step higher.

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    > Now i have the isakmpd shouting at me:
    > "Unknown packet type 5 in handle_packet()"

    That's actually a photurisd(8) error message, not an isakmpd(8) one...


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