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Caesarion-2 released

Contributed by Dengue on from the e-mail-security-tools dept.

Robin Carey writes :
"Caesarion is a professional quality, open source, 64-bit clean and completely free E-mail security tool for the FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Linux operating systems. The software provides communications secrecy, user authentication and data integrity verification. Caesarion is very simple to use and comes with complete documentation and examples showing how to use it. "

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  1. By RC () on

    It really sounds like they've spent a great deal of effort making it secure, and compiled, encrypt, decrypt, and keygen, together are smaller than /bin/ls.

    1. By pravus () on

      /bin/ls is statically linked... perhaps the others are not?

  2. By Pierre () on

    Encryption. Good.
    Description. Bad.

    I'm not going to download some geeks software without knowing what it is... is this an email client, server, gateway? Does it open up port 666 on my machine?


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