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OpenBSD snapshots 3.2 available

Contributed by jose on from the beta dept.

Jankok sends us this blurb:
" "
Yep, bagged and tagged, 3.2 is in beta. Snapshots are up, and you can keep up to date on -current via CVS. Give it a whirl, please test it and make 3.2 a solid release. I'm running it on a couple of systems and find it to be pretty stable, so far.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Nice! I'll fire cvs!

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Another great new release is about to be born.

  3. By Bigg Scuz () on

    Would this be the correct command for 3.2 beta?

    setenv CVS_RSH /usr/bin/ssh;
    setenv CVSROOT;
    cd /usr; cvs checkout -P -rOPENBSD_3_2 src

  4. By Jeffrey Neitzel () on

    i updated my src tree the other day and rebuilt the system on my notebook.

    also, i did X (version: 4.2.1) and all the ports i normally use. everything is running smoothly. i haven't updated my workstation yet. it still runs a -current system from a couple weeks ago...

    BTW, if your video card is a "S3 Graphics Twister-K"... you'll want to patch your xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/common/xf86PciInfo.h . --- xf86PciInfo.h.orig Sat Jan 19 09:50:54 2002 +++ xf86PciInfo.h Tue Sep 3 11:19:12 2002 @@ -618,6 +618,7 @@ #define PCI_CHIP_SAVAGE_MX 0x8c11 #define PCI_CHIP_SAVAGE_IX_MV 0x8c12 #define PCI_CHIP_SAVAGE_IX 0x8c13 +#define PCI_CHIP_TWISTER_K 0x8D02 /* ARK Logic */ #define PCI_CHIP_1000PV 0xA091 @@ -1543,6 +1544,7 @@ {PCI_CHIP_VIRGE_MX, "ViRGE/MX",0}, {PCI_CHIP_VIRGE_MXPLUS, "ViRGE/MX+",0}, {PCI_CHIP_VIRGE_MXP, "ViRGE/MX+MV",0}, + {PCI_CHIP_TWISTER_K, "Twister-K",0}, {PCI_CHIP_868, "868",0}, {PCI_CHIP_928, "928",0}, {PCI_CHIP_864_0, "864",0}, @@ -1694,6 +1696,7 @@ /* ATI card info deleted; unmaintainable */ #ifdef VENDOR_INCLUDE_NONVIDEO { PCI_VENDOR_COMPAQ, { + { 0x0086, "S3 Graphics Twister-K",0, NF }, { 0xC001, "NC3121",0, NF }, { 0x0000, (char *)NULL,0, NF } } }, { PCI_VENDOR_NCR_1, {

    then it'll work fine.
    it's a "(II) SAVAGE: driver (version 1.1.20) for S3 Savage chipsets:".
    Chip: id 8d02, "ProSavage KN133"

  5. By Warthog () on

    What changes do we need to be aware of?

    Also, I know pf has gone through a lot of changes since 3.1. I tried a snapshot awhile back and my pf.conf didn't work anymore, apparently because it looked like the developers were experimenting with unification of pf.conf and nat.conf. Did that make it to 3.2?

    And finally, I'm not holding out much hope here, but a guy can always wish.... is there PAM/nsswitch in 3.2?

  6. By zil0g () on

    I've seen lots of posts to the lists about SMP, and yea, I've seen /smp.html, but might I ask if there is an ETA on it at all?
    >1 year?

    would love to stay with OBSD on my new fileserver :/

    BTW: great work on PF

  7. By AnonymousCanuck () on

    It is good to see the mergeing of pf.conf and nat.conf. It is excellent that PF now properly supports dynamic IPs. From the pf.conf-current manpage:

    Host name resolution and interface to address translation are done at rule set load-time. When the address of an interface (or host name)
    changes (by DHCP or PPP, for instance), the rule set must be reloaded for
    the change to be reflected in the kernel. Interface names surrounded by
    parentheses cause an automatic update of the rule whenever the referenced
    interface changes its address. Reloading the rule set is not required in
    this case.

  8. By jose () on

    the beta gives errors on the dell 1650 machine with the stock generic kernel:

    Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
    The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
    Copyright (c) 1995-2002 OpenBSD. All rights reserved.

    kernel: page fault trap, code=0
    Stopped at _pmap_zero_page+0x9: movl 0x34(%eax),%eax
    ddb> trace
    _pmap_zero_page(0,1,d0636f08,d01ceb43,d1461000) at _pmap_zero_page+0x9
    _pmap_growkernel(d1461000,d053257c,0,1,dbc028) at _pmap_growkernel+0x120
    _uvm_pageboot_alloc(dbc028,d0633cac,d0636f48,d01ce8da,d0634010) at _uvm_pageboot_alloc+0x94
    _uvm_page_init(d0636f60,d0636f64,d0636fa8,d01b6dc1,63b000) at _uvm_page_init+0x128
    _uvm_init(d0634010,634000,63b000,0,0) at _uvm_init+0x49
    _main(0,0,0,0,0) at _main+0x45

    blarg. a kernel hacker should be looking into this, i think, i sent him some info.


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