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New TCP/IP sequence number analysis

Contributed by jose on from the /dev/arandom dept.

Gilbert Fernandes writes:
"Michael Zalewski did a new version of its interesting read about strange attractors and the tcp/ip sequence number analysis. More operating systems are now covered. The BSD part shows a FreeBSD graphic only.

URL is: "

Lcamtuf did a nice analysis last year of this, where OpenBSD-current did very well. While it still leads the pack, it appears that OpenBSD is no longer alone. Definitely reccomended reading.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    This is a great update, but it is too bad the display program only works under Linux. Last year, when the original article came out, I tried running it under emulation on OBSD, but the program was too dependent on the linux view of the video.

    Has anyone ever tried to plot the data using gnuplot or something else?


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