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Top-Like PF Monitor

Contributed by jose on from the all-about-the-info dept.

(null) writes:
"KernelTrap has a review of a handy sounding new utility for PF.

"Can Erkin Acar recently announced the availability of "a small curses-based utility for real-time display of pf states and rules." The format of the generated output is quite similar to that of 'top', though in this case displaying information about PF, the packet filter introduced in OpenBSD 3.0. The utility is named 'pfTop'.

"I tested the utility on my 64-bit Sparc Ultra 1 which runs OpenBSD 3.1, and was quite impresesed, in spite this being a very early release of the tool. While the program is running, pressing 'h' displays a help screen listing the available commands, and 'v' switches through seven different views of the available information. Details on compilation and a small view of the generated output follow."

A new port of this has also been introduced, so you can more easily test it. The project now also has a homepage where you can track updates.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Thank you. Just what I needed.

  2. By Aaron Linville () on

    Great utility. Now what'd be neat was if you could interactively kill and renice utilities (via tcpkill and tcpnice) the same way that some versions of top can. :-)

  3. By JC () on

    Very nice AND usefull!
    IMHO it should be integreated in the base install...


    PS:Don't forget to remove patch/patch-Makefile if you're not installing on -current.

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