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How to deal with a deadly combo

Contributed by jose on from the AMD dept.

negative writes :
"Configuring OpenBSD and XF4 using a Riva TNT Video Card with an AMD Athlon CPU. Users love that hardware combination, but if most developers hate it, and even some people call it deadly combo, then how i can deal with that hardware?

You can read my experience in this article "

Thanks again, negative, for a really helpful piece! Keep up the good word!

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  1. By click46 () click46 at webpimps dot net on mailto:click46 at webpimps dot net

    Known bug eh? So where do they hide all these known bugs? (-: And for the love of god...Matrox cards are made by Matrox , NOT nVidia.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Well there are/were known issues with nvidia cards and via (amd) chipsets, btw what mobo chipset is this? i remember some abit mobo with raid would see this. I also want to say sblive had something to do with it, but i could be wrong.

  2. By Ken Crandall () on

    In the article, the author states:

    "...having tried several Nvidia video cards (Matrox G200, Riva TNT2 and Geforce 2 GTS)..."

    Just a heads-up, a Matrox G200 is NOT an NVidia-based card. It uses a Matrox GPU. I've been using Matrox cards in OpenBSD-based boxes for years with nothing but good luck.


    1. By negative () on

      I was quoting the ports at misc@. Thanks for the correction. :)

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      I'm the original poster, and yes I know Matrox is not Nvidia, post came out this way after spending all night trying to figure this out. If you read the entire post, you will see that Matrox also didn't work for me (yes, with Matrox driver, not nv), that was what I was trying to say. Removing mtrr fixed the problem for both Nvidia and Matrox cards. So I don't know if this is only related to AMD + Nvidia. Anyway, if you are having same problems and have other-than Nvidia card, give it a try.

      1. By Ken Candall () on

        "I'm the original poster, and yes I know Matrox is not Nvidia, post came out this way after spending all night trying to figure this out."

        No worries. :-)

        I've had days (and nights) like that, too. It seems that AMD+ ANYTHING is causing people problems. Funny, though, how we often see that explained away as "not following the spec" even though having a single point of reference (Intep CPU's) usually doesn't qualify as a "spec" (more like a de-facto standard.)

        Good luck. As I said, I've had nothing but good luck with Matrox, even on my Duron box.


  3. By Josh () on

    I just recently purchased a new machine. MSI KT3 Ultra, AMD XP 1800+, Riva TNT2 (32 meg, agp 4x) video card. I have ran 3.1, and (right now) -current, and never had a single problem. Could it be that AMD fixed the problem?? I bought my chip retail about a month ago.....just kinda curious....

  4. By Corey () on

    I had problem with my a7a-133 motherboard with openbsd 3.1 and freebsd 4.5.

  5. By jolan () on

  6. By chris cappuccio () on

    This is not an AMD CPU problem, this is a problem with certain
    ALi chipsets and the MTRR stuff..... If you use VIA, AMD, or SIS chipsets, this does not happen!


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