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djbdns + IPv6 working on OpenBSD

Contributed by jose on from the dj6b dept.

This will be of interest to some OpenBSD people who really like the djb approach in qmail, tinydns, and the like. mirabile reports:
"To all people using djbdns I have great news:"
Read on ...

  • I have read djb's licensing sites and found that distributing patches (not binaries!) is fine.
  • This means, ports (even official ones) are fine, too.
  • PLEASE DO NOT write the OpenBSD team about this. They have removed djb software some time ago for more than only ONE reason.
  • There are IPv6 patches out there. Unluckily, they do not work with OpenBSD because some japanese developers think it's a great idea not to completely implement the standard due to security issues (the RFC says they are ok).
  • I made some ports which are loosely based upon the "old" djbdns port, and created a completely new daemontools port.
  • I have managed to integrate the IPv6 support so you "just" need to install the "djbdns" and "djbdns6" packages (remember not to distribute them!) to get everything working.
  • I eventually managed to get a mixed A/AAAA domain (see email, it's dynamic DNS) working on IPv4 _and_ IPv6 transport by simply running tinydns (and 6tinydns) more than once.
The ports are available at , as a full .tgz with all of my ports, or as separate files for browsing one by one. They do currently run on a Pentium-90, 32 MB RAM, i386 laptop, and do their job well enough to make me happy.

The only missing parts is patching the client utilities (dnsq etc.) to handle AAAA as well as A - currently, one has to use the tools from the djbdns6 package (6dnsq, 6dnsip, 6dnsip6r...) which only support IPv6 _transport_ (thus need 6dnscache running, with djbdns+IPv6 on some other OS (Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD+patches) as forwarders).

I hope this will help at least some of you out there, especially those who are too (either) stupid or clueful to use BIND... "

A few people maintain unofficial ports of djb software now that it's outside of the official tree. This is a good addition to the mix.

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  1. By RC () on

    Now run around in circles, flapping your arms like a chicken, while yelling 'DJB is GOD'. You may now use this software.

    Besides, if you don't like BIND, try MaraDNS:

    Small, fully featured, claims to be very secure, it's even public domain!


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