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Contributed by Dengue on from the packet-toaster dept.

Aki writes :
"As seen on Slashdot: "FatPort (a wireless Internet service provider in Vancouver, BC) just released CompactBSD. It's a set of tools that allow you to build your own customized, lightweight distribution of OpenBSD and then burns it onto compact flash (or similar) so that it can be run on an embedded PC platform (like FatPort's own FatPoint). CompactBSD takes the security and networking features of OpenBSD that we know and love, and combines them with ease-of-build and small footprint, which is great for embedded devices. Check out the project on SourceForge." Links are and . "

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  1. By earx () on

    I want it on my zaurus ;p

  2. By chris cappuccio () on

    "compactbsd" is a wrapper around my install script


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