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DVD+RW tools for OpenBSD

Contributed by jose on from the wish-i-had-a-dvd-writable-drive! dept.

Jeremy C. Reed writes :
"Recently some DVD+RW software for Linux was ported to OpenBSD. A news article about it is at . This set of tools, originally developed by Andy Polyakov, allow formating DVD+RW disks and writing a dvd-video or ISO9660 file system on a DVD+RW or DVD+R disk. "
Now if I only had a DVD writable drive ...

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  1. By floh () on

    not to spoil the fun but cdrecord can already do this since some time, I haven't tried it yet as I lack a DVDr cdrecord - ProDVD
    (sorry if this is redundant but the bsdnewsletter link doesn't seem to work for me)

    1. By Jeremy C. Reed () on

      Re-read the README you just linked to: "There is currently no support for DVD+R/RW in cdrecord-ProDVD ...".

  2. By RC () on

    DVDs aren't all they're cracked up to be. If you think CDs are easilly damaged, you haven't dealt with DVDs yet. Not to mention they are incredibly overpriced (to prevent copyright infringement). It's good that they are keeping DVD movie prices in check, but there really should be a better format. I'd like to see something like multi-layered MiniDiscs; small, encased, very inexpensive, requires little power, rewriteable several million times, and (could have) large capacities.

    Most importantly, the Minidisc drive should be accessible through native BIOS calls, so you don't need any special software installed, and you could use it just like a small, fast, durable, hi-capacity floppy.

    It's obvious... So why is it that nobody WANTS to make something that would replace floppies?

    1. By Aasmund () on

      Agree, however I think the Optical Storage medium is on the way out. Flash memory will replace it. IMHO.

    2. By Armando () on

      You sound like me when I thinkup a good idea. I understand your fustruation, cause I often wonder also why can't they come up with better stuff when the technology is there.


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