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Sparc moves to WSCons

Contributed by jose on from the cvs-ci dept.

Rick Wash writes :
"-current sparc moved to the wscons framework today. Hopefully this will improve speed and allow for better console access on sparc systems. the major check in , cvs checkin 2 , cvs checkin 3 , and cvs checkin 4 "
The wscons(4) driver gives users easier control of the display font, keyboard language, and the like (i386 users already have this). Note that you will have to change your X server according to the first CVS commit message linked here.

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  1. By Thomas () on

    This is quite a comfortable improvement, isn’t it? Great Job!!! (Faster console, colours… what more do we need)

  2. By Never Mind () on

    What means

    1. By mirabile () on

      Theo is top-posting and full-quoting like an
      Outlook Expreß user, obviously.

      Nah, for real: would he force it? I think not,
      for various reasons, but we'll see...

      1. By Miod Vallat () on

        Well, actually there was a communication problem and this went into the tree a bit too early, hence the risk of it being backed out.

        Right now there are a few issues, being worked on, that prevent a sparc snapshot to be published. However, this should be settled in a few days.

      2. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Wouldn't that be Outhaüs Expreß?

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Next step is sparc64?

  4. By Warthog () warthog at nospam dot yonderway dot com on mailto:warthog at nospam dot yonderway dot com

    From: Theo de Raadt
    To: Miod Vallat
    Subject: Re: The more sparc changes, the merrier
    Date: 13 Aug 2002 10:09:16 -0600
    All these changes were unapproved, and I may force them to be backed

    > Hello folks,
    > not only did the sparc port move to ELF yesterday, but it is also
    > moving to the wscons console framework, as pre announced some time ago.
    > This, too, makes sparc upgrades very difficult.
    > A new sparc snapshot will be available shortly. Then, an XF4 snapshot
    > will be made available - old X servers, even if recompiled as ELF
    > binaries, will not run on wscons-capable kernels - sparc systems will
    > use the Xwsfb server from now on.
    > Also, SunOS programs running under emulation that uses the old SunOS
    > /dev/fb, /dev/kbd and /dev/ms ioctl interfaces will not run anymore.
    > This should only affect software using the old pixrect library.
    > With this X server change, an /etc/X11/XF86Config file will become
    > necessary. Such a file will be provided as part of the xserv31.tgz set,
    > and will be adequate for most settings; however, multihead
    > configurations will require changes to this file, as will be explained
    > in the sparc XF4 installation notes.
    > Please bear with us for a few days while we are making new, shiny
    > snapshots. This is definitely worth waiting for.
    > Thanks for reading,
    > Miod


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