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Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD, part 7

Contributed by jose on from the onlamp dept.

Jacek Artymiak writes :
"Part 7 of Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD is now available on-line . The whole series is available here .

Have fun! "

Thanks again, Jacek, for a great series!

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  1. By Jacek Artymiak () on

    Be careful when you are copying examples in this article. Double quotes (") were misteriously replaced with stars (*) :-(


    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    2. By negative () on

      using root as the user who exec the command is NOT-a-GOOD-idea, i prefer to have wrapping script to avoid me from using root access. be more paranoid. :-)

    3. By Guri Mond () on

      Sure, but somehow I can't open the page. Want the complete series. Sounds good. Can I get some other link, if possible?
      Thanx in advance.


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