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TCP Socket Speedup Committed

Contributed by jose on from the zoom-zoom! dept.

Niels Provos has committed patches to speed up TCP socket performance . This is similar to the patch put forward recently by Jedi Sector One , incorporating Jason Thorpe's patches from NetBSD . These changes bring the TCP socket performance down from O(N), based on the size of the list of socket buffers, to O(1), or constant time. Have at it in -current!

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    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      really, just think for at least 15 seconds before asking something like this.

      To answer your question: NO.

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Then I should probably make one just to piss you off. Think about it, then the answer should be YES!!! I would ruin your day, muahahahaaa!!!

      2. By niekze () on

        i think we'll see a 3.0 patch long before people actually think before posting a comment...

      3. By Anonymous Coward () on

        We will have the patch done for 3.0 just after we finish the patch for gnu/HURD.

        1. By Dom De Vitto () on

          What's the deal?

          I thought this patch was ported from NetBSD anyway?????


    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      Is there a patch for OpenBSD 2.1, linux 0.97 and MsDos 3.21?

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Oh I think that's great, where's the .exe for my windows 98? I can't find it on

        1. By Anonymous Coward () on

          there's *.exe in

  2. By zil0g () on

    Hey now, can't we all just stop the flame-tossing around here?
    I mean, I get more curtesy out of 12 year old germans playing Counter-Strike (which is about the worst thing I could think of)


    1. By zil0g () on

      (and I didn't intend to be nasty against the german population there, just the 12year olds playing cs swearing at me 'couse they don't speak english)

    2. By Cindy () on

      Oh, I can think of worst things then on line gamers. I stop playing games on line because of the attiute of gamers. I used use the name cindy_bsd, one nite I had three guys tell me I know nothing about computers, networking, or hardware becuase I was a girl. Then when I ask them to explain the last three letters of my gamer name, they had no clue. They were funny, and bought some humor in to my nite. But then never play any game on line since, and restrict my gaming to coin-ops, when I can find them in this god forsaken city of Calgary.

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      Ok...The above may be off topic. But I needed to vented on line. I needed to vent on line where someone or someones would understand, and have a caring thought to give back. I know there so many mean people on line that have been posting messages here. Let's remember, why we are exchanging ideas, and if those ideas are not ours, or if we don't agree with them, that's ok. Let's just keep the good flow of information, and be respectful to all those on line, and off line. What ever happen to people trying to do something good everyday, or saying a kind thought to one another?


      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        What ever happen to people trying to do something good everyday, or saying a kind thought to one another?

        We all started having to vent online. Nice way of pointing it out.

      2. By Anonymous Coward () on

        Fact #1: I am not a mean person, rather opposite.

        Fact #2: Regardless of #1, I feel like saying: "I am really glad that I don't know you in person and I truly hope I never will."

        Fact #3a: People, who publicly express that they are smarter than other people, are not smart in 99% of the cases.

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        In other words:
        Stupid people say: "I hate stupid people!"
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        1. By Jeffrey () on

          ... but all people are naturally stupid aren't they ;)

          even people who are smart in one area (i.e., have the innate ability to do whatever...) are inevitably less than sharp in some other area.

          i'm just stating my personal opinion about what i see as a general human tendency. i cannot backup what i say with some sort of empirical data.

          my previous statements are also not meant to offend anyone who has posted any comments here.

          cheers to all =)

        2. By RC () on

          Your facts are ridiculous. They have about as much creedence as astrology.

          I know people who are smart and realize they are smart. Some that know how smart they are, complain about other people, and some don't. Some that complain have reasonable complaints, others use this method of complaining to blame everything negative that happens to them, on somebody else.

          My point is only that there are no definate rules. There are many factors that determine how someone thinks, and acts. Your so-called facts really don't represent reality. I've never seen any traits that lend themselves to smart people, but not stupid people, or vise-versa.

          And, of course, smart and stupid is a relative term. I've met many people who consider themselves the worlds foremost experts on computers (mainly because they've just never been around anyone who knew more than they did) who feel like idiots when they start working with me (and they more or less have to be treated like idiots-ego often does that to a person).

          Another good example is Stallman or Theo. Both often rub people the wrong way, and are commonly seen as having large egos (and complaining about stupid people). By your 'facts', they must both actually be incedibly big idiots.

        3. By Anonymous () on

          Depends how you define smart... I've represented my country 2 years in a row at IMO (International Math Olympiad), but I've never had a girlfriend although I wouldn't mind to have one.

          Let's say I'm not socially very talented (this is something I admit... I'm not a freak... I compete in tennis at the national level, I go to the gym, I hang around with friends, I can talk with women, but never get them to realize I'm interested in them), but I'm good at some things (math, computer science). Usually trying to prove that you're smarter than everybody else makes everybody hate you -> your not a social person. However that doesn't mean you can't be great in mathematics, computer science, physics... whatever.

          One of the worst things for anybody to do is to assume someone else is stupid. You really have to know the person quite well before you can tell. For example somebody might be very happy with his life and if you're not, then that person is surely smarter than you in some way.

          1. By francisco () on

            I can talk with women, but never get them to realize I'm interested in them

            be straightforward & exact: "You're beautiful; let's go to this concert a week from Saturday". If they don't pick up on that then they plain dont like you. Sure it puts you on the line but wtf it isn't like you're risking losing all your company's data.

            somebody might be very happy with his life and if you're not, then that person is surely smarter than you in some way

            Surely they are content. What made them content might vary, no surety that they are smarter (maybe it's a lobotomy?). But since you brought up contentedness and smarts, i'd like to point out (again) that we should strive to keep the developers content so they will continue to bless OpenBSD with their smarts.

      3. By zil0g () on

        I recognize this... erhm hope you don't slap me if I say I think it's a "girl thing". - to care too much I mean, someone making a rude turn in traffic or whatever, i'd just think 'dorko' and let it go, every time...
        in other words, be a cold emotionless geek like me instead, less frustration.

        Cancel that.^H^H^H^H^H^H

        btw Cindy, many games allow you to 'mute' the other players :)

      4. By Anonymous Coward () on

        maybe you should get a livejournal.

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    s/pacth/patch/ in the story.

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Any intelligent posters on any of these threads? Lots of intelligent articles about a great operating system. But it seems like the only people who hang around here have less intelligence than the average Slashdot reader.

    1. By Skull () on

      This is why /. has such an elaborate moderation system.

    2. By Brad () on

      I couldn't agree more, has drawn out all the trolls and retards.

    3. By W () on

      That must include both you and 'Brad' then. And now me (oh, my).

  5. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Has anyone tried it and have any real numbers to share?

    what is the best way to test? Bonnie? ftp files between hosts, bulk up on webgets?

    I used to compare speed of machines in these simple ways, care to comment on how accurate they might be?

    for cpu speed: md5 -t
    sha1 -t

    for io speed: dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/junk count=some number bs=1024
    dd if=/tmp/junk of=/dev/null

    combination time tar zxf ports.tar.gz


    1. By zil0g () on

      sounds ok for 'non-scientific use' :/
      there are benchmarks in the ports though, I've never got around to using them, for CPU I like 'john' :P
      for overall perf I watch vmstat during make build
      network wise I've copied a few large files over nfs from different hosts at the same time to 'max it' and see what my outgoing rate is.
      (turned out my 2.5Mbps isp only allowed 2.496Mbps :P)

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        the .004 discrepancy is probably TCP overhead ;)

    2. By jose () on

      those are mainly local filesystem benchmarks and CPU benchmarks. not of help here. this is a network performance enhancement. try tcpblast and netperf in ports/benchmarks/ , among others.


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