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LAN Security Primers

Contributed by jose on from the IBM-developerworks dept.

IBM's developerworks site has a few articles of interest to OpenBSD journal readers. The first is a LAN security primer , teaching you the basics of network attacks. To secure your network, you need to know this type of stuff. They have a great set of links at the end of the piece, as well. The second article to mention is Wireless ethernet security . It discusses WEP, its flaws, and how you can overcome them with solutions like tunneling wireless traffic in IPSec pipes. Again, highly reccomended. Lastly, to help you understand the security inherent in passwords, an article on password cracking has been added. While it focuses on L0phtcrak (which cracks Windows passwords), it is still a good read for the attacks on passwords. You will probably want to peruse the library of articles on security at IBM developerworks for other stuff on security.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    A system like using a Cryptocard is much stronger than passwords, for a whole bunch of reasons. Passwords are easy but they are a big weak spot in most systems.

    1. By RC () on

      You've said this before (OpenSSH thread). A Cryptocard is still no more secure than S/Key, and S/Key doesn't require extra, dedicated hardware.

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      so, how long does it take to crack a > 12 char mixed password with 12 rounds of blowfish?
      john and me sure as M$ didn't get anywhere...

      1. By Anonymous Coward () on

        How many users actually use a > 12 char mixed case password?

        An 8 char password with mixed case, numeric's, and special characters is stronger than 80% of passwords in use, or so the stat says.


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