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Libevent Rolled In

Contributed by jose on from the cvs-add dept.

The libevent library, which provides an asynchronous event handling engine, has been rolled into the base library code in OpenBSD-current. This library, from OpenBSD developer Niels Provos (who also works on OpenSSH, authored the systrace facility, etc), will now easily provide developers an event handler for various applications. Components within the base OpenBSD tree are being converted to use this functionality. See the manual page and example code for libevent usage.

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  1. By Dan () on

    I am planning to use kqueue, so:
    Why use libevent if we have kqueue?

    Have i mess somthing about libevent?

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I'm not a developer but a regular OpenBSD user (if there's such a thing). Can someone explain how this will affect a typical OpenBSD admin/user? Thanks.


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