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Unlike last year, it sounds like Dengue won't be able to make it to DefCon 10 , and neither will I. My new job means less free time. However, I will be at Usenix Security in San Francisco in the coming weeks. Feel free to track me down and we can enjoy a beer together, or something. Usenix Security is always a very good conference with lots of good reading. A list of papers which you can download and read now is available from a recent LWN security column .

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  1. By francisco () on


    worst mispellings of my name:

    • frisciso
    • fransco
    • franisco

    i've been nicknamed 'frisco' for a while; worst mispronounciation of that was this guy who kept calling me 'crisco'.

    but it's ok, i forgive you, Josie.


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