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Archiving on BSD

Contributed by jose on from the tar-cv dept.

Onlamp's BSD DevCenter has recently started a series by Dru Lavigne on backups and archiving in BSD. While written originally for a FreeBSD audience, the commands translate very easily for an OpenBSD audience. The first piece is entitled Understand ing Archivers and introduces the basics. The second piece shows how to back files up with tar . The third installation discusses cpio and its use. This series shows some promise at introducing these topics to the newer sysadmins out there.

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  1. By notme () on

    first post! yes im drunk, and sorry for being lame.

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I recommend rdiff-backup for incremental backups.

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      I also use rdiff and am very happy with it.

      1. By Gioffreus () on

        hmmm, i may have to give it a try. not today, but it sounds rather interesting from the info at its website.

        for incremental backup, i wrote up a little shell script that makes a list of files with find's -newer primary and passes this list to tar for my backup. works fine, but this rdiff may be a better option..?

        who knows, but thanks for mentioning it =)

    2. By RC () on

      Or you could just use 'find' in combination with tar (or CPIO if you prefer).

  3. By Fred () on

  4. By Jim () on

    I use a combination of Rsync and a perl script which generates and forest of hard and soft links. This allows me to get multiple generations of backups via ssh tunnels. In addition, my backup server only needs slightly more space than what is needed for a single copy. Been working great for months now.


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