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Intro to Disklabel

Contributed by jose on from the /dev/sd0a dept.

Onlamp's BSD column covers the use of disklabel(8) , used to read and write the disk's label. This includes the partition table as well as the drive's information. The disklabel column was written to be generic enough for any BSD. This can be a nice supplement to the FAQ entry on disk setup.

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  1. By Strog () on

    I wish there were more articles out when I first messed with disk labels. I came through the ranks like a lot of people. Vic20, apple 2, dos, linux and then openbsd. I got ahold of a OpenBSD 2.5 CD and was trying to figure out what it meant by slices.

    I almost gave up a couple times but dug through a lot of sites looking for help and finally came back and worked through it. The only *nix experience was a few months of Linux so I had some learning to do. It all seems so simple now but if I had found some good docs online I could have picked it up quicker and had more time to play with other things (like actually finishing the install). I'm glad I didn't give up on it then but it wouldn't have been too hard at that point.


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