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Call for testers: ahc on i386

Contributed by jose on from the scsi dept.

The SCSI controller driver ahc(4) , which drives the Adaptec SCSI host adapter, is undergoing a lot of changes at present. Many of you have noticed that support for some popular SCSI adapter cards is lacking, and this driver change is an attempt to improve that.

As seen in a July 4 misc mailing list message from Theo :

especially please check out the new i386 snapshot. as some of you know, the ahc driver is going through rev after rev as smurph tries to get all of the models working reliably on all kinds of scsi busses.

the new snapshot contains more uncommited changes which finally once again make it work for my machine that freaked out before. and it works on my 7899F/G machines too.

If you're using any Adaptec interfaces, wether they worked before or not, you should report your experiences with the new driver. This will help fix any of the bugs in it and improve software quality overall.

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  1. By Henry Huggins () on

    Do we need to rebuild all /usr/src or just that one driver?

    If it's OK to just build that one driver, anyone know where it's kept in the /usr/src tree?

  2. By RC () on

    I'm glad to see that more hardware is being supported, but I wonder why more work isn't being done on USB or Firewire... You know, those up-and-comming technologies that people would like to have in their OS...

    I have a USB2/Firewire hard drive, which I can't get to work on OpenBSD. Over USB, the device is found, but I get IO errors (can't mount, newfs, dd, anything at all).

    Firewire, unfortunately, isn't an option (I'm not sure why, Firewire uses OHCI just like USB, I can't imagine it would be too much work).


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