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Contributed by jose on from the fe80::1 dept.

I haven't seen much information on using IPv6 in OpenBSD, but I have found a few resources on IPv6 in general and on BSD. I've put them together because it's quite fun to be on a research network again, like the Internet felt about 10 years ago.

When I was starting, the NetBSD IPv6 FAQ was quite helpful. Most of the commands carry over.

Next, two pieces helped a lot with OpenBSD specifics. First, an older piece on setting up a 6bone router with OpenBSD was quite a lot of help. Lastly, a piece at SANS was very helpful for IPv6 filtering in PF .

Using this information, and the tools and network space from Freenet 6 , I have been able to use the 6bone to find some fun new areas.

I hope this helps!

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  1. By grey () on

    A while back the Dogcow of the Australian 2600 site had an OpenBSD-specific IPv6 article. It appears to be gone, though I've found it mirrored.

    where it was:

    a site mirroring it:

    Might be a bit out of date now as I believe it was written circa 2.7; still - it's just something else people might want to check out.

    If you check the Press page on you'll also come across an older O'Reilly article which has some information (again older) regarding IPv6 and OpenBSD:

    There's probably even more out there if you keep looking.

  2. By mirabile () on

    ... why and how you still can use Freenet6.
    Probably it has not proven that instable for
    you as for me. Anyways, maybe you want to
    use the freenet6-TSPC port at my site.

    To the others: there is much useful information
    there, too - and a Freenet6 HOWTO on German
    and English is packaged with _my_ version of
    the TSP Client.

  3. By Ikkeweetniet () on

    Once used this one. Very easy and straightforward.

    More Open-specific info about how to deal with IPv6/OpenBSD on the site as well.


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