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Contributed by jose on from the cvs-up--Pd dept.

While the OpenBSD web pages on anonymous CVS serve as a great introduction to grabbing OpenBSD source via CVS, some of the more useful features in CVS are missed.

The Onlamp website has a two part series on CVS. The first part covers an introduction to CVS. Some of the information there will be old hat for readers of the OpenBSD CVS pages, but plenty of new information is introduced in it to make it worth reading if you're only using CVS basics. The second piece covers tracking changes to the repository. This can be useful for watching what happened to a file over the course of time and who made what changes.

If that's not enough, you can always go read the CVS book , most of which is available online for free.

Update: I have found a couple of more CVS links from IBM's DeveloperWorks program. The first is CVS for the developer or amatuer . The second is CVS via SSH tunneling , which is the preferred method of CVS networking.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    And as usual, don't forget to read the manual. You can find it at

  2. By fansipans () on

    holy moly is cvs rad. use it for source. use it for database schema (it's a great example of a generic [unix] tool). use it for your webpages. use it for anything text (or binary, only w/binaries you obivously can't do diffs). a FABULOUS place to learn how to setup a chrooted ssh cvs server for group development, anonymous cvs read-only access, or private (but remote) use is: this bad boy , though it does have a number of errors in it (wrong directory names in examples sometimes), so read it through first to get an idea of what's going on, don't just run every command and expect it to work. has anyone else from deadly tried a setup like this? i've had nothing but pleasure with it, and i'd be interested in hearing what people have experience with (pserver,chrooted ssh,ssh,nfs mounted local?)



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