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Kernel Source as Artwork

Contributed by jose on from the C-never-looked-so-good dept.

On a lighter note than some of our recent security focused pieces, I recently had some OpenBSD artwork pointed out to me.

The first is the beastie daemon in colored and HTML rendered kernel source . Pretty impressive when you get a monitor big enough (or scale back your font size).

The second was found on the misc mailing list . In a posting by Duncan Martin , a PDF rendering of the the kernel source. The large one is really impressive. These show the 3.1 artwork.

The Lego daemon also almost works, but it really is the FreeBSD daemon ... unless someone has an OpenBSD one?

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  1. By Sourcehunter () on

    Is it me, or is it just the db_hangman.c file over and over and over and over?

  2. By Anonymous Coward () on

    What I would like to see is a xpm file of all the logos, from 2.3 through 3.1, that I could load as a background in X or a bitmap file of same I could use as wallpaper on my Windows box.


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