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OpenBSD changes slogan

Contributed by jose on from the vi-index.html dept.

Not Really Anonymous writes :
"With all the yelling and crying that the OpenBSD slogan should be changed, OpenBSD changed their slogan. The new slogan is "One remote hole in the default install, in nearly 6 years!".

Now maybe we can just all patch our systems and move on :). "

Agreed. It was an impressive run, and reminds us to always be vigilant about hunting for bugs.

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  1. By Partisan01 () on

    With or without the slogan I am very happy with OpenBSD, something like a marketing tag line is nice, but doesn't significantly influnce my OS decision in any way. Keep up the good work guys

  2. By pravus () on

    i really don't understand what everyone's problem with the statement is. it seems like over the past week or so, everyone has been clamoring to get it taken off the page. why? is it really that offensive?

    i think the main problem stems from the fact that it appears as though most people don't quite grasp what the statement means. personally, i think it's pretty clear.

    my opinion is the same as my opinion on benchmarks. with benchmark scores i see the same situation. some people live by them, and some people never believe them. me?... i say, use them where needed.

    in the case of the openbsd slogan, i look at it like this:

    x) the openbsd team is pro-actively secure. no other OS site mentions anything about their security record except in their patch section. this tells me that the openbsd team is at least partly concerned with security. to me, that's a good thing.

    x) many people have commented on the fact that the default install is useless, and therefore the statement is meaningless. while i can say that the openbsd installation is minimal, this is more of a good thing than bad. technically speaking, every OS's security is the same when you factor in the admin. however, if i know that the default install's setup is security-conscious, it makes my job easier in setting it up.

    so, in conclusion i'd like to say thanks to all of the developers that make OpenBSD happen. i think it's a great system and i enjoy using it. please don't be discouraged by all the people that don't have a clue.

  3. By Louis () on

    The AnonCVS repositories are maxed out -- seems OpenBSD admins are a bit more clueful than most.


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