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Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD, Part 5

Contributed by Dengue on from the dept.

Jacek Artymiak writes :
" Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD, Part 5 is up on's BSD DevCenter (part of O'Reilly Network). Enjoy! "

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  1. By Paul Bunyan () on

    Nice article, but a little explanation on how to view old logs would be wonderful. I guess I gunzip one of the older files to /tmp and then use tcpdump to read it. Is that the best way?

    Every so often I want to go back further with last to see login activity, but I don't remember being successful. Of course, I'm writing this on the spur of the moment, and if I really wanted to know I would "HAVE READ THE MANUAL, SEARCHED THE ARCHIVES, YADA YADA" so save the electrons.....

    Keep the articles coming!

    1. By Anonymous Coward () on

      "gunzip -c pflog.0.gz | tcpdump -r -" is probably the easiest way.

      1. By RC () on

        "gzcat pflog.0.gz | tcpdump -r -" will save a couple keystrokes, AND it's best feature is that you never forget the "-c" or "<" that is needed with gunzip. I've made that mistake a number of times before I used gzcat exclusively. (bzcat as well)

    2. By Anonymous Coward () on

      pflog gzcat pflog.0.gz | tcpdump -r
      authlog gzcat authlog.0.gz
      maillog gzcat maillog.0.gz
      daemon gzcat daemon.0.gz
      messages gzcat messages.0.gz
      secure gzcat secure.0.gz

      but what do you do with wtmp?
      gzcat wtmp.0.gz | last -f - fails under ksh

      1. By Gioffreus () on

        wtmp? well, `last -f -' doesn't work because '-f' wants a real file... replace '-f -' with '-f file' .

        it calls for a temporary file. `gzcat wtmp.0.gz >file ; last -f file | less ; rm file' will do the job. i have to admit though that it would be nice if you could do it with '-f -' like you can with so many other programs...
        cheers =)


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