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Visual Basic GUIs and OpenBSD

Contributed by jose on from the PHB-happiness dept.

Greg writes :
"Coming again to Visual Basic GUIs like Michael Anuzis did, those guys here: have a full firewall GUI that configures OpenBSD. Smells like written in VB. "
This product is significantly more complete than the feature we ran a few weeks ago on a Windows(tm) PF rule generator , and actually connects to the Alloyant Armor firewall appliance over a serial cable, with the firewall being an OpenBSD based system. This could assist in deployments of OpenBSD firewalls in environment normally resistant to non-Windows(tm) interfacing utilities.

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  1. By Anonymous Coward () on

    I personally like setting up things using "raw" tools, i.e. just editing the config-files using vi or something.
    But a tool like this can be great to let people discover how great OpenBSD is, without having to worry about not being able to set it up. The first steps can be difficult, especially when you have to get results pretty fast (when your boss wants you to ;-) )

  2. By fansipans () on

    okay, i know pf just got support for uid&gid based filtering, and it has other fancy features like dup-to and route-to, but i don't rememeber the ' web-content ' keyword, specifically i don't recall being able to create rulesets like

    pass in on $ext_if from any to $ext_addr port = 80 webcontent = {adult,drugs,gambmling,hate,weapons}

    hehe, all the difficulties in implementing that aside, this does look like a good product :] (what with nice features like transparent web proxying & time of use access controls bundled in)

    hooray for putting openbsd in every place it excels!


  3. By jolan () on

    let's remember that this is a GUI tool used to configure a firewall product based on openbsd and is not strictly for pf.

    let's also remember that GUI tools for configuring pf rot your brain worse than television. that's when they work of course.

  4. By Anonymous Coward () on

    Seems to be a nice tool for doing simple things quickly.
    The only thing I don't like about this GUI is VB (if it really is VB:)) Not because I don't like VB but rather because I normally use Linux as my desktop.
    Anyway, making a Unix-base appliance with a Windows-only interface appears somewhat weird to me. Why not use something portable, like Python?

  5. By Anonymous Coward () on

    its definitely not VB - possibly delphi. but who cares - it makes life easier and you can knock something up without thinking :)


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