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Hardening OpenBSD from GeodSoft

Contributed by jose on from the castles-made-of-iron dept.

The fine folks at GeodSoft have put together a pretty good document on hardening OpenBSD using the built in UNIX functionality. Originally written before PF (a transition document is there, too), it still has a lot of useful information and good discussion. Unfortunately, some of the more esoteric things are missing, including S/Key and BSD-auth, but it covers the more general cases, most of which can be extended to other BSDs or UNIXen.

The GeodSoft site has a lot of other useful stuff for the OpenBSD hacker, too, including good password management and dual booting information.

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  1. By ThomasJ () on

    Some people is of the impression that removing binaries is getting you better security. Well, as long as hacker can download anything to a host, this really is pointless.

    But again, if they can't code, this may give them the cozy feeling of "doing something to harden the system". Good for them.

  2. By Ryvar () on

    Geodsoft has been terribly useful to me over the past two years, not so much as a complete guide to security but as a thorough checklist of everything (plus a bit, sometimes) that would be a good idea to implement on almost every edge-of-network machine. In tune with this very idea Geodsoft provides a nicely formatted checklist of all the various reccomendations they make - you'll want to add/subtract your own, of course, but it's a great starting point.


  3. By jason () on

    I've used this site a number of times. It's been a very helpful resource. Thanks George! (if your reading). I've also thought that this site has the beginnings of a great book. Instead of just focusing on OpenBSD, it could be more a book about computer/network/system security from an OpenBSD perspective. Such a book could contain information about many aspects of security (SSH, Cryptography, passwords, VPNs, etc...) Just my two cents.


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