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Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD, part 4

Contributed by jose on from the blocking-packets-is-what-we-do dept.

Jacek Artymiak writes :
"O'Reilly published part 4 of my Securing Small Networks with OpenBSD series. Enjoy! "
People have been clamoring for more, so here you go! Thanks, Jacek.

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  1. By intu () on

    Thanks! Those little "Securing small networks with OpenBSD" series rock!

  2. By Partisan01 () on

    Does anyone know how many of these stories are going to be in the series?? I've been an avid fan, but am wondering if it's goign to stop soon..

    1. By Jacek Artymiak () on

      Nobody knows that, not even me. It's all up to you!

      My editor at O'Reilly does not put a limit on the number of articles in that series. I plan to continue writing for as long as I know that there are people who like what I write.

      As long as there are people who read these stories, their future is quite bright. If you like them, tell your friends about them and let the editors at O'Reilly Network know that you like this series. (Their emails are on the Contacts page, the link to that page is at the bottom of every or page).

      I truly enjoy this interaction between you (the readers) and me. If you have questions, write me and I'll try to answer them in my articles. I wrote the first two articles to 'test the waters,' but the rest is written as answers to your questions. You are my best co-authors!

      PS. I will try to get the production staff to correct bad formatting and missing bits that get chewed up when original manuscripts are converted into whatever format O'Reilly is using internally. If you spot anything like that, do let me know. (If you spot something stupid I wrote, do let me know as well.)

  3. By Artsight Ozis () on

    Could you know someone who can translate those docs on Polish language ??? It will be very cool for all polish people who don't knwo english very well . :)



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