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Native-mode Java on OpenBSD

Contributed by Dengue on from the not-the-same-old-grind dept.

Louis writes :
"The effort to port Sun's Java JVM to run natively on OpenBSD should have stuff to test soon, according to Christian Edward Gruber. There should be stuff to test soon (testers welcome). The existing ports of Sun's SDK 1.2. and 1.3 run under Linux or FreeBSD library emulation and won't run anything that requires a native interface. To find out more have a look at the FAQ. For updates, subscribe to the openbsd-java mailing list: "

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  1. By Gustavo () on

    Under compat_linux jdk works fine, but in 3.1 something broke.
    I hope sun can be less stupid and make things better.

  2. By Christian Gruber () on

    The article might be overstating things slightly. We have a shot at something testable soon, but a few of us are only getting back in the game, and "soon" in this context is many weeks yet. Still, there has been some good progress, and release 3.1 has improved much in the way of bintools support, and other things. I'm encouraged.

  3. By Anonymous Coward () on

    It would be very cool to have a native JVM. I would like to have an SSH server written in Java. It might avoid some of the security problems we have had in OpenSSH.


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